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Fitbit SDK Tools Open Source

The Fitbit Developer Tools team are committed to open-sourcing the tools we’ve created for the Fitbit SDK. This enables developers to build upon our efforts with their own tooling built specifically to suit their needs, or to collaborate with other developers in the community making development for Fitbit devices even more awesome.

The Fitbit SDK Tools are built on the existing foundations of excellent open-source projects, harnessing tools and libraries such as TypeScript, Rollup, Vinyl and many more! We’re happy to be able to open-source what we’ve built, and can’t wait to see what developers create.

Available Projects

There are currently two major components to our SDK tooling: the toolchain, and the debugger.

The toolchain is responsible for compiling your project sources and assets into a Fitbit application that you can install to your device, the Fitbit OS Simulator, or upload to the Fitbit App Gallery. We provide this as part of Fitbit Studio, and also as the @fitbit/sdk package (npm).

The debugger is a command-line tool and a suite of libraries that allow you to interact with a device during app development. It knows how to install apps, receive logs, take screenshots and much more! This powers Fitbit Studio’s Developer Bridge integration, and the @fitbit/sdk-cli package (npm). Do you want to build your own awesome IDE integration? This project has everything you need to get started!

Additional Packages

We are also releasing some utility packages which could be useful outside of the Fitbit developer community. The @fitbit/jsonrpc-ts package (npm) is an implementation of the JSON-RPC 2.0 protocol with type-checking superpowers, powered by the amazing io-ts, and @fitbit/portable-pixmap (npm) is a decoder for the Portable Pixmap image format.

Ready to contribute?

Developers are invited to make pull requests and file issues against our projects on GitHub. These projects are licensed under BSD 3-Clause/MIT licenses, and we want to make contributing as easy as possible: we only ask that you agree to a lightweight DCO.

Get started by reading our contributor guide and browsing the repos available within the Fitbit GitHub organisation. We can’t wait to see what you build! Share your projects with us on Twitter with the #Made4Fitbit hashtag.

About the Author:

Liam joined Fitbit in 2016 and leads the Fitbit SDK Tools team that are responsible for Fitbit Studio, Fitbit OS Simulator and the Fitbit Command Line SDK. When not hanging out on the Community Forums and Discord chatting with our Developer Community, he enjoys running, triathlon, and has completed over 300 escape rooms to date.

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